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Medical insurance products have complex benefit structures and policy terms requiring professional medical knowledge, making it difficult for consumers to understand a product, let alone compare across products.

The Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS) launched by the government sets up minimum standards and consistent terms on the Standard Plan to enable consumers to compare products. However, the Standard Plan offers very limited coverage. Consumers who want higher coverage may go for the Flexi Plans but still find it difficult to compare products due to the large range of benefits and terms across different products.

Ward Room – Coverage Rating
In alphabetical order by company name
Ward Room – Coverage Rating
In alphabetical order by company name
AXA WiseGuard Pro Medical Insurance Plan (Regular)
Bowtie VHIS Flexi - Regular + Cancer Fighter 100
Cigna VHIS Series – Flexi Plan (SMM)
vCANsurance Medical Plan (Standard)
vCare Supreme Medical Plan
HSBC Voluntary Health Insurance Flexi Plan Bronze
How we rate VHIS products
10Life consults medical specialists to get medical expense data for common medical cases in the five groups below. Our actuaries then estimate the coverage ratio of each case based on the benefit limits and policy terms of each product. The 10Life VHIS Coverage Rating is based on the average coverage ratio across all cases. “5 Start Product” is awarded to products with an average coverage ratio above the benchmark.
Vascular Diseases
Investigative Treatments
Minor Cases
What are the requirements of VHIS products?
VHIS products are certified by the Food and Health Bureau (FHB) to comply with the minimum requirements as follows:
  • Policy Terms and Conditions
  • Benefit Coverage and Limits
  • Premium Transparency and Cooling-off Period of 21 Days
  • No lifetime benefit limit (except for some flexi plans)
  • Covers Unknown Pre-existing Conditions
  • Covers Treatment of Congenital Conditions
  • Covers Day Case Procedures
  • Covers Prescribed Diagnostic Imaging Tests
  • Covers Prescribed Non-surgical Cancer Treatments
  • Covers Psychiatric Treatments

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What is the difference between VHIS and traditional medical insurance?
VHIS is actually a medical insurance product having similar benefit structures as traditional mass medical insurance. The major difference is that VHIS products must be certified by the government to comply with the minimum requirements, and the policyholder can enjoy tax deduction.
How does the tax deduction work?
Taxpayers can claim a tax allowance on the VHIS premiums for themselves and/or their dependants. The maximum allowance on each insurance policy is $8000. The actual tax deduction is calculated by multiplying the insurance premium by the marginal tax rate, with a maximum tax deduction of $1360 on each policy.
For more details please refer to this article (Chinese Version Only)
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  2. 10Life Insurance Product Ratings are based on facts and data, and are not be influenced by any partnerships with insurance companies.
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