Top 10 Insurance Products
10Life actuaries analyse the coverage, value and terms of insurance products to help consumers choose the right product. Based on factors that matter the most to the consumer, we compare and score the different insurance products in the Hong Kong market, including medical insurance (e.g. VHIS), whole life critical illness insurance, whole life savings, term life and others. Of the hundreds of insurance products compared in the 10Life Insurance Decoder, the following are the Top 10 products with the highest scores.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of 10Life Insurance Ratings?

Insurance products are complicated, with complex product details and terms. The marketing materials of insurance companies are sales focussed and lack standardised disclosures of important product information, making it difficult for consumers to compare products. 10Life sets a unified scoring standard to compare insurance products. The scores and rankings enhance the transparency in insurance, making it easier for consumers to compare products and make decisions.

How does 10Life collect insurance product information?

To cover as many products in the market as possible, 10Life collects product information from various sources, including but not limited to official websites of insurance companies, licensed insurance advisors (including agents and brokers) and directly from insurance companies.

What is the process of 10Life Insurance Ratings?

10Life regularly collects product information from the Hong Kong market, while some insurance companies provide us with new product information and product updates. 10Life actuaries then analyse the insurance products and produce the scores based on the specific scoring methodologies by product category. 10Life Insurance Ratings are published on the 10Life website and updated regularly for free access to consumers.

Are all factors important to consumers already reflected in the 10Life Insurance Ratings?

10Life rates insurance products based on factors that matter the most to the consumers. However, when choosing insurance products consumers need to consider many aspects. 10Life Insurance Ratings do not take into account unquantifiable factors such as brand preference, market share, reputation, service levels, ease of claims, etc.. In addition, the scores are based on generic cases which are for reference only, and individual consumer needs have not been considered.

Will the 10Life Scoring Methodologies change?

The 10Life scoring methodologies are publicly accessible on the 10Life website. 10Life actuaries review and update the methodologies regularly based on the relevant product features and overall market standards, to ensure the scores remain reasonable for the different product categories.

Are the product scores and rankings biased towards any insurance companies?

The 10Life product scoring process is professional and independent, without favouring any particular insurance companies. Insurance companies can understand the scoring methodologies and enhance their product standards accordingly to improve their product scores.

Can the 10Life product scores be compared directly?

For the same product category, 10Life product scores can be compared directly. For different product categories, due to differences in the scoring factors and calculation models, the scores cannot be compared directly.

  1. The information on 10Life is intended for general education purpose and reference only, and does not constitute any insurance, financial, investment or other professional purchase advice or solicitation to buy insurance, financial or investment products. 10Life Product Ratings and Scores are mathematical calculations based on public product information and assumptions for generic customer segments. The Product Ratings and Scores DO NOT reflect YOUR personal needs. 10Life hereby excludes any liability arising from using the information and will not make warranty or guarantee on the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information or for any claims and / or losses caused thereby. You should seek independent professional advice and review the insurance product information carefully before purchasing any insurance products. The information shown in the communications placed on 10Life does not constitute an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any banking or insurance products or services.
  2. 10Life Insurance Product Ratings are based on facts and data, and are not be influenced by any partnerships with insurance companies.
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