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Manulife Supreme VHIS Flexi Plan

High-end Coverage with Medical Inflation Protection

Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (“VHIS") plans that provide high-end coverage as well as medical inflation protection are rare in the market. Manulife Supreme VHIS Flexi Plan (“Manulife Supreme”) is one of the few products that has won the 10Life Outstanding VHIS Award for two consecutive years, providing consumers with superior medical protection.

To make it easier for consumers to compare VHIS plans, 10Life consulted medical specialists on the medical expenses data for 12 common medical cases with different severity. 10Life’s actuaries then estimated the coverage ratio of each medical case according to the coverage and policy terms and conditions of each product. This year, 10Life has upgraded the rating standard by enhancing the cost assumptions on the breast cancer case to take chemotherapy, radiotherapy and breast reconstructive surgery expenses into account and selected the most outstanding plans from over 150 VHIS plans in the market.

Under a higher market benchmark, Manulife Supreme continues to maintain excellent performance with the estimated average coverage ratio reaching 99.8%^*, which means the product provides comprehensive coverage on various selected medical cases (including major and minor injuries and illnesses, diagnostic treatments, etc.).

Policyholders are also interested in whether their product can withstand medical inflation. Manulife Supreme offers full coverage with no sub-limits1, and a high annual benefit limit of HKD $8,000,000, thus winning the 10Life Outstanding VHIS Award 2022. 

Manulife Supreme VHIS Flexi Plan

12 Medical Cases
with Different Severity 
including Angioplasty, ACL Surgery,
Stroke, Cancer, etc
Breast Cancer 
with Mastectomy, Reconstruction, 
Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy
Medical Inflation
Protection Features
Average Coverage*
Estimated Coverage*



Estimated Coverage for Other Medical Cases

^The calculation was based on the expenses of a number of common medical cases with different severity and required medical services under normal circumstances. The estimated average coverage of each product was then calculated. For details, please refer to the methodology.

*Calculated based on semi-private room expenses

Manulife Supreme VHIS Flexi Plan Benefit Summary

Plan name
Manulife Supreme VHIS Flexi Plan
Product Website
Ward class Semi-private
Annual benefit limit 
per policy year
Lifetime benefit limit
Deductible options
$0 / $8,000/ $22,800
per policy year

Product Features

Well-rounded protection 

Manulife Supreme provides comprehensive coverage to accompany you through every treatment stage, safeguarding your lifelong health by providing you with guaranteed renewal annually throughout the lifetime. To offer consumers more choices on outstanding private medical facilities, the plan specifically offers full coverage with no sub-limits1, and covers semi-private room2 in Asia (including Australia and New Zealand). The main benefits include:

Full coverage with no sub-limits 1
Covers major items of medical expenses throughout the healthcare journey of the insured person, from diagnosis (CT scans, MRI scans, PET scans, etc.), hospitalization (room and board, doctor’s visits, specialist’s fees, intensive care, etc.), to surgeries (both inpatient and outpatient) and other enhanced benefits.
Pre- and post-hospitalization care 
Wide coverage includes follow-up outpatient visits, home nursing, additional outpatient ancillary benefits, Chinese medicine practitioner outpatient care, rehabilitation, etc.
Substantial support for cancer 
Includes prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy (including proton therapy), targeted therapy, immunotherapy and hormonal therapy); and reconstructive surgery for specific cancer.
Unknown pre-existing conditions
Any unknown pre-existing conditions3 of the insured person at the time of application will be covered 30 days after the policy commencement. Besides, any eligible medical expenses incurred due to congenital condition(s) that have manifested and been diagnosed after the insured person reaches age 8 will also be covered4.

High level of coverage and support

Cancer treatment costs can exceed a million dollars, with targeted therapy drugs alone costing five figures per month, making it unaffordable for ordinary workers. Manulife Supreme understands the substantial cancer treatment costs and provides a benefit limit of HK$2,500,000 per policy year on prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments, allowing you to focus on your treatment without worrying about affordability.

Another common consumer concern is whether the benefit limits are sufficient in the long run, given the high medical inflation rate of over 6.5%5 in both 2020 and 2021. The benefit limits of VHIS are therefore vital. Manulife Supreme offers annual benefit limit of HK$8,000,000 per policy year and lifetime benefit limit of HK$32,000,000, providing sufficient protection against medical inflation.

Holistic ‘Medical Professional Support Service’6

Holistic ‘Medical Professional Support Service’ is exclusively available to the customers7 who are diagnosed or suspected with cancer. A personalized Medical Case Manager will be assigned to take care of your medical and emotional needs and help you explore treatment options as well as handle your claims-related enquiries. All Medical Case Managers are professionals with medical backgrounds or qualified nurses. Moreover, you can get priority access to a CUHK Medical Centre oncologist and enjoy a free one-time Independent Medical Consultation.

The Medical Case Manager can also provide pre-approval services8Cashless Outpatient Cancer Treatment Service and Credit Service for Hospitalization. Once approved, Manulife will pay directly to the hospitals the preauthorized credit amount for your eligible hospital and surgical expenses, so you don’t need to pay upfront9.

Flexible options for annual deductible amount 

Some employees may have group medical insurance, which mostly offer basic coverage. Therefore, some savvy consumers will apply for their own VHIS with deductible options, and use their group medical plan to offset the deductible.

Manulife Supreme offers 3 annual deductible options – HK$0, HK$8,000, or HK$22,800 – for you to mix and match with your group policy. The arrangement is designed with flexibility, allowing you a one-time option to reduce the annual deductible at age 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 or 85 based on your personal needs without re-underwriting10.

Tax deduction plus premium discounts

Enjoy both coverage and tax deduction with VHIS. You can apply for tax deduction of up to HK$8,000 per insured person per year on the paid premium. What’s more, you can enjoy premium discounts as a reward for staying healthy:

  • Enjoy a health discount of up to 16%11,12 if you make no claim for at least 2 consecutive years.
  • Join ManulifeMOVE13 for free. When achieving the specified average daily step target, you can enjoy a premium discount of up to 10% upon policy renewal for the next membership year.

  1. Full coverage shall mean the reimbursement of the actual amount of eligible expenses and/or other expenses charged after deducting the remaining annual deductible (if any), and is subject to the annual benefit limit, lifetime benefit limit and other limitations. Full coverage applies to selected benefit items only, while other benefit items are not fully reimbursable and subject to respective benefit item’s limits. Please refer to Benefit Schedule and policy provisions for details.
  2. The benefits are subject to the geographical limitation, the limitation on choice of hospitals and the limitation on choice of ward class. Please refer to the ‘Supplement for Limitations of Benefits’ of the policy provisions for details.
  3. Pre-existing condition(s) shall mean, in respect of the insured person, any sickness, disease, injury, physical, mental or medical condition or physiological degradation, including congenital condition, that has existed prior to the policy issuance date or the policy effective date, whichever is the earlier. An ordinary prudent person shall be reasonably aware of a pre-existing condition, where - (a) it has been diagnosed; (b) it has manifested clear and distinct signs or symptoms; or (c) medical advice or treatment has been sought, recommended or received. The Company may impose case-based exclusion(s) to the pre-existing condition(s) notified to the Company in the application for the plan and any subsequent information or document submitted to the Company for the purpose of the application. Unknown pre-existing condition(s) refers to any pre-existing condition(s) that the policy holder and/or insured person was not aware and would not reasonably have been aware of at the time of application. Please refer to the policy provisions for the full terms and conditions.
  4. The benefits actually paid are subject to your policy terms and conditions, including but not limited to the case-based exclusion(s).
  5. Data is from Willis Towers Watson’s “2022 Global Medical Trends Survey Report”.
  6. The service is supportive in nature, we do not offer medical advice. This service is available from Monday to Friday between 9:00am to 6:00pm (except public holidays). This service is a special administrative arrangement and not a regular product feature. Manulife reserves the right to terminate this service at any time without prior notice.
  7. The eligible medical policy must have been in-force for more than 2 years without relevant exclusions. This service is available to eligible customers with confirmed or suspected cancer, including but not limited to lumps, abnormal laboratory tests or imaging, and abnormal bleeding. The diagnosis must be confirmed by a registered medical practitioner.
  8. Pre-approval Services include, but are not limited to, the Cashless Outpatient Cancer Treatment Service and the Credit Service for Hospitalization. These services do not form any part of Manulife’s medical insurance policies. They are special administrative arrangements and not product features. Manulife reserves the right to terminate these services at any time without prior notice.
  9. If the medical expenses exceed the claimable amount pre-approved by Manulife or incurred for items not covered, you will have to pay for the shortfall.
  10. You may apply to lower the annual deductible of this plan to HK$0 or any other options available at that time at age 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 or 85 of the insured person within 31 days before the relevant policy anniversary without providing further evidence of good health. You can only apply this once at policy renewal during the lifetime of the insured person. Upon reduction of the annual deductible, the premium payable shall include the standard premium according to the prevailing standard premium schedule adopted by the Company for such annual deductible option, and any premium loading the policy holder has agreed for the policy. For the avoidance of doubt, the policy holder still has the right to request the Company to increase the annual deductible at any policy renewal, without providing further evidence of good health on the insured person.
  11. In the event that any benefit under the policy for a policy year that falls in the no claim period becomes payable after the health discount has been applied to the premium, the health discount shall be recalculated for all policy years subsequent to such benefit. The policy holder shall repay to the Company the difference between the health discount actually provided by the Company and the recalculated health discount to be entitled immediately upon the Company's demand. The aforesaid description and the health discount table are for general information only. You should read the policy provisions for exactly how the health discount is calculated and given. For the avoidance of doubt, if you are also eligible for the ManulifeMOVE discount, the health discount will be calculated based on the premium due and payable after deducting the ManulifeMOVE discount.
  12. Tax deduction for the qualifying premiums paid under VHIS policy (not including levy) will be based on the premiums paid after deducting the premium discount (if any).
  13. ManulifeMOVE is not part of the VHIS certified plan.

Note: The information above is sponsored content and updated as at Feb 10, 2022.

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  1. The information of this article has been provided by the advertiser to promote its products and services.
  2. The information of this article is intended for general education purpose and reference only. None of the information is intended, nor should they be considered or relied upon, as regulated advice, insurance, financial, investment or professional advice, recommendation, approval, endorsement, invitation or solicitation in respect of any insurance, financial or investment products.
  3. 10Life Group and its subsidiaries will not be responsible for any liability, claims or losses arising from or associated with you using the information. No warranty, representation or guarantee is given by 10Life Group and its subsidiaries on the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information.
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