10Life – Your Insurance Decoder

1. About 10Life

10Life is the largest insurance comparison platform in Hong Kong, providing product ratings and professional information. 10Life covers the mainstream insurance products in the market including savings, medical (including VHIS), critical illness, annuities and life insurance.   

Actuaries, insurance product experts, medical consultants and legal advisors of the 10Life team apply their professional knowledge to analyse insurance products from various angles. 10Life compares more than 500 insurance plans from over 40 insurance companies in Hong Kong, reviewing their coverage and terms based on standardised and public methodologies to arrive at product scores and ratings.   

On 10Life, users can make instant enquiries with licensed advisors online or connect directly to the insurance company websites, making insurance more transparent, simple and convenient.

2. 10Life’s Mission – Empowering people to get the right insurance   

Many insurance products are complex and sales are commission driven, making it difficult for consumers to understand the details and get the right insurance. 10Life is committed to the rights and interests of insurance consumers. Through insurance education, 10Life decodes insurance and promotes product improvements in the marketing, empowering consumers to get the right insurance:  

• Provide education on complex insurance product features and terms, reducing the risk of consumers falling into insurance traps.  

• Upgrade the scoring standards constantly to keep pace with the market product levels, encouraging insurance companies to launch more competitive and consumer focussed products.  

• Represent the consumer’s voice to insurance companies and regulatory bodies on insurance industry issues.

3. 1.8 million annual active users

Many people in the insurance industry have said insurance cannot be compared and you only need to find the right insurance advisor. 10Life firmly believes in insurance comparison, and consumers should understand the products before getting insured.   

Since 2016 10Life has been adhering to its mission, setting insurance product rating standards based on factors that matter most to the consumers, and gradually gaining public trust. 10Life now has over 1.8 million active users, and continues to make every effort in providing users with professional information and services.

4. How 10Life differs from other platforms

With advancing technology many digital financial product comparison platforms have emerged in Hong Kong, but very few focus on insurance. As one of the few insurance comparison platforms in Hong Kong, 10Life has been committing to consumer education and decoding insurance products. 10Life outperforms in the following:  


Insurance specialist 

• Professional and in-depth insurance information  

Insurance ratings 

• Standardised and public rating methodologies to calculate insurance product scores 

Life insurance focus 

• Covers complex insurance product types including with profit savings, medical, critical illness, annuities, etc. 

Other platforms

• Many include different financial products, mainly credit cards and loans. 

• No insurance ratings or scores 

• Most compare general insurance, with limited or no life insurance

5. 10Life Insurance Ratings are free from commercial influence

10Life compares various types of insurance and rates each product. The rating methodology for each product type is designed by 10Life actuaries based on factors that matter most to the consumers. The 10Life rating methodology is standardised and public, with product scores and ratings calculated based on the coverage of each product under specified hypothetical scenarios. The 10Life insurance ratings and scores are based on factual data without considering the brand value and service quality of insurance companies, and are not influenced by any insurance company partnerships or advertising.

6. About 10Life Group Limited

10Life Group Limited is the operator of 10Life.com and wholly owns Rex Global Asset Management Limited, a registered insurance broker company under the Hong Kong Insurance Authority (License No.: FB1526)


1. The information on 10Life is intended for general education purpose and reference only, and does not constitute any insurance, financial, investment or other professional purchase advice or solicitation to buy insurance, financial or investment products. 10Life Product Ratings and Scores are mathematical calculations based on public product information and assumptions for generic customer segments. The product ratings and scores DO NOT reflect YOUR personal needs. 10Life hereby excludes any liability arising from using the information and will not make warranty or guarantee on the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information or for any claims and / or losses caused thereby. You should seek independent professional advice and review the insurance product information carefully before purchasing any insurance products. The information shown in the communications placed on 10Life does not constitute an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any banking or insurance products or services.  

2. 10Life Insurance Ratings are based on facts and data, and are not influenced by any partnership or advertising deals with insurance companies.

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