What is 10Life?

10Life is the largest insurance comparison platform in Hong Kong with over 1000 insurance products from almost 50 insurance companies. Users can learn about insurance from 10Life's product analyses and ratings, and get the right insurance from 10Life's insurance advisors. 

Is there a fee to use 10Life?

Our mission is to remove the complexities from insurances and help customer take better control of their insurance decisions. 10Life is an open and free product information platform. 

How does 10Life score and rate products?

Our team at 10Life understands which features affect insurers' profitability, so we know which features are important to you. We focus our product comparisons on what factors are important to customers, including price against coverage, and any unfavourable terms and conditions. We take these factors and apply assumptions and mathematical calculations to derive scores and rankings; click here to read about our scoring methodology.

Does 10Life sell insurance products?

Our non-commission approach aims to create a better and fairer industry where insurances are always clear, transparent, properly advised and always in customer's best interest. 

How is 10Life different from other platforms?

10Life is a platform operated by a group of industry expertisee. All of our analysis, rating and comparison tools are developed by in-house artuaries, used to help decode a variety of insurance products for your needs

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