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Whole Life Critical Illness Insurance Scoring Methodology

Whole Life Critical Illness Insurance Scoring Methodology

Evaluation by professional actuaries to help you identify whole life critical illness insurance with good coverage
Iris Lun
10Life Co-founder and Chief Actuary
1. Overview

Coverage Score

Based on single and multiple CI coverage of cancer, heart & stroke, unknown diseases and early years booster.

Terms Score

Based on policy terms and conditions including CI definitions and exclusions.

2. 10Life Score Weighting

5 Stars Whole Life Critical Illness 2022
Whole Life Critical Illness 5-Star Criteria
  • Provide high whole life critical illness coverage, with Coverage Score of 9 or above
  • Policy terms are favourable to the policyholder, with Terms Score of 7.5 or above

3. Assumptions

  • Male or female life insured age 25/35/45, smoker or non-smoker.
  • Payment period 25 years (or nearest) and USD150,000 basic sum insured.

4. Critical Illness Coverage Score Details

Critical Illness Coverage Score is a weighted score on Single Critical Illness coverage and Multiple Critical Illness coverage. A higher weight is put on Single Critical Illness since the first Critical Illness cases are most common. Multiple Critical Illness coverage is also considered as the survival and recovery rates of the first Critical Illness increase with medical advancement.

4.1. Single Critical Illness Coverage

The single Critical Illness coverage is mainly based on the payout (Sum Assured) on the following Critical Illness and items,


  • Early Stage Cancer (Carcinoma-in-situ)
  • Major Cancer

Heart & Stroke

  • Early Stage Heart Disease Treatment (Angioplasty)
  • Major Heart Disease
  • Major Stroke

Unknown diseases coverage

  • Unknown diseases coverage - Some products cover diseases that are not yet defined to allow for new developments (e.g. by specifying the number of days of ICU admission, conditions requiring complex surgeries)
  • Scores are given to products where there is at least 20% sum assured covered for ICU admission and/or at least 100% sum assured covered for conditions requiring complex surgeries

Protection Amount Booster

  • Some products offer a booster to allow for a higher sum assured coverage in the earlier policy years. Scores are given to products with at least 50% additional sum assured in the first 10 years       

4.2. Multiple Critical Illness Coverage

The Multiple Critical Illness Coverage is based on the total payout of the following Critical Illness.


  • The coverage score is based on the payout assuming treatment periods of 5 years and 20 years. 
  • Some products in the market offer continuous cancer treatment cash benefits during the waiting period, generally leading to a higher total payout.

Heart and Stroke

  • 3 times Heart Disease 
  • 2 times Heart Disease and 1 time Stroke 
  • 2 times Stroke and 1 time Heart Disease 
  • 3 times Stroke

Other Diseases

  • The coverage score is based on whether the product provides multiple coverage in other diseases.

The Single and Multiple Critical Illness Coverage is weighted based on the approximate industry claim rates for male and female. The weightings are as follows:

5. Terms Score Details

The Critical Illness Terms Score is calculated based on the terms and provisions of each product. In the disease definitions and policy provisions, there may be terms and conditions that can be unfavourable to the policyholder during a claim. Also in between each multiple Critical Illness claim, a waiting period is usually required. The longer the waiting period, the less favourable to the insured.  

Based on consultation with medical specialists, deductions are made to the Terms Score based on the following terms:

5.1. Critical Illness Terms Score


  • Vague exclusions on Cancer - "having borderline malignancy", "having low malignant potential"
  • Vague exclusions on Cancer - "Non-life threatening cancers"
  • Long waiting period for new cancer (>1 Years)
  • Long waiting period for recurrence cancer (>3Years)
  • Long waiting period for continuous cancer (>3Years)  

Heart and Stroke

  • Coronary Artery Disease not defined as part of Heart Disease (with only specified surgeries/ procedures defined)
  • Strict definition on Angioplasty - requires evidence of significant ECG changes
  • Exclusion on accidents, trauma or traumatic injury induced stroke
  • Exclusion on migraine induced stroke
  • Exclusion on vasculitis or infection induced stroke
  • Cover only Heart Attack under Multiple CI Heart Disease Coverage

Other Diseases

  • Deduction from major payout after early-stage payout
  • No. of Early CI Claims covered
  • The Terms Score is reduced for products with only 1 early CI Claim and further reduced if no early CI Claim

5.2. General Terms Score

Multiple Critical Illness Coverage Age

  • Although Whole Life Critical Illness Insurance covers up to whole life, the multiple Critical Illness benefits usually have an age limit. The market benchmark is age 85, and some products cover up to age 100. Hence the Terms Score is reduced for products with a multiple Critical Illness coverage age limit lower than age 100 and further reduced if lower than age 85.

Guaranteed Premium

  • While the premium term is fixed, only some products in the market guarantee that the premium would not increase after the first premium payment. The Terms Score is reduced if the premium is not guaranteed.

6. Whole Life Critical Illness Insurance 5-Star Rating

10Life Whole Life CI Insurance 5-Star Rating is awarded to the top products in the market.

To earn a 5-Star Rating, the product must achieve:

(1) a CI Coverage Score of at least 9.0 and

(2) a CI Terms Score of at least 7.5


Last Update Date: 1 Jan 2024.


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