1. What is 10Life?
    10Life is an insurance comparison platform, helping  you decode and rank insurance products. Our mission is to make insurance simple and transparent. 

    Users can see insurance product analyses and scores by actuaries, and can ask questions anonymously to get instant responses from multiple licensed advisors.

  2. Where can I access 10Life?
    You can go to 10Life website, or download the 10Life app on Apple Store, Google Play or simply click here.

  3. Do I need to pay for the services?
    No. 10Life does not charge users for its services.

  4. Do I need to register my mobile when accessing 10Life?

    You don’t need to provide your number when,
    • Registering on 10Life website
    • Registering with Facebook on 10Life App

    We will ask for your number when,
    • Registering with email on 10Life App

  1. Is my contact information protected?
    Absolutely. 10Life will NOT share your contact information to third parties (including advisors or insurers) without your explicit consent. 

    When you post a question anonymously, only your age group and Nickname (You can change it whenever you want!) will be displayed on the advisors' interface, allowing them to better address your needs.

  2. What type of questions can I ask on Anonymous Q&A?
    Anything related to insurance.
    Curious about insurance products for your newborn? Having trouble filing a claim with your insurer? Searching for a suitable insurance advisor?
    Just ask away, multiple licensed advisors will respond to your enquiries instantly, 24/7.

  3. If I want to share insurance related documents to the advisors without providing personal information, what should I do?
    You can share existing photos or take a photo using your mobile and send to the advisors on the 10Life platform.  You can keep your personal information confidential while chatting on the 10Life platform.

  1. If I want to purchase an insurance product, what should I do?
    You can use the "Find Advisors" function to choose an advisor suitable for you. You can also ask questions anonymously to get instant responses from multiple advisors, and evaluate their quality. You can choose to further engage any advisors through online chat by using nickname (which you can always change) and discuss the insurance application. 

    For products can be purchased directly online, users can go to the website of the product provider directly.
    To remain neutral and unbiased, 10Life does not participate in any part of the sales and application process.

  1. Who are the registered advisors on 10Life?
    Any licensed insurance advisors in Hong Kong (including agents and brokers) who share our vision are welcome to join. Click here for details. 

    Most importantly, advisors on our platform receive feedback and ratings by our users . If we discover that a specific advisor is falling short of our expectations on quality, we may delist them.

  2. How comprehensive is your product comparison?
    Unlike other insurance comparison sites which compare only selected partners' products, we aim to decode products from ALL insurers in the market including Mass Medical Insurance, High-End Medical Insurance, Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS), Whole life Critical Illness Insurance, Qualifying Deferred Annuity Policy (QDAP), Whole Life Savings Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance and more. 10Life is unbiased and objective, and is not influenced by any insurers. 

    If you notice any products missing in our comparisons, please report to us – enquiries@10life.com.

  3. How does 10Life score and rank insurance products?
    Insurance products are sophisticated, often containing verbose and complicated features and terms, making it difficult to compare.

    Our team at 10Life understands which features affect insurers' profitability, so we know which features are important to you. We focus our product comparisons on what factors are important to customers, including price vs. coverage, and any unfavourable terms and conditions. We take these factors and apply assumptions and mathematical calculations to arrive at the scores and rankings; click here to read about our scoring methodology.

  4. What is 10Life Star Rating?
    While each insurance product may score differently under different criteria, star ratings are awarded based on the overall performance of products, from 5 star, 4 star, 3 star to unrated. 5 Star products are considered as the best in class.
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